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Apple iPhone 15 Series Battery and Charging Specifications Revealed

iPhone 15 Series

The Apple iPhone 15 line became official last week, and you can already place an order for one.

Next week, the device will go on sale for the first time. Now, we finally know some details about the 2023 iPhone lineup’s batteries and charging options.

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If you look at the official entry, the base iPhone 15 model has a 3,349mAh battery pack that can be charged at 12.981Wh/s.

There is a big 4,383mAh battery pack inside the iPhone 15 Plus that can handle 16.950Wh of power.

As for the batteries, the iPhone 15 Pro has a 4,383mAh battery and the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a 4,422mAh case.

The speed of the iPhone 15 Pro has 12.70Wh, and the power of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is 17.109Wh.

This is different from earlier reports that said Apple might speed up charging for the more expensive Pro models to 27W. This year’s iPhone 14 Pro models charge just as quickly as this year’s versions, according to a listing by Chinese regulators.

It was shown that Apple’s 30W USB-C power charger could charge the iPhone 14 Pro models up to 27W. We can guess that these charging speeds will also be available on the new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.


  1. But to be honest, the iPhone 15 does not have too many new designs. Even the fingerprint unlocking that many people were looking forward to has not returned. I will use TunesKit iPhone Unlocker to solve iPhone Unavailable. It will always succeed. But I still really hope that iPhone will bring back fingerprint unlocking. Like Huawei, it can be unlocked with an in-screen fingerprint.


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