Apple Intelligence Won’t Launch in EU

apple ai

Apple users in the EU are set for disappointment this fall, as highly anticipated Apple Intelligence announced at WWDC will be missing from the upcoming iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia releases.

Apple has cited regulatory challenges stemming from the Digital Markets Act (DMA) as the reason for withholding features like Apple Intelligence, iPhone Mirroring to Mac, and SharePlay screen sharing.

Apple Intelligence

EU users will miss out on some of the most exciting updates:

apple intelligence
  • Apple Intelligence: Apple’s flagship AI initiative aimed at enhancing integration across devices.
  • iPhone Mirroring: Would have allowed seamless remote access to iPhones from Macs.
  • SharePlay Screen Sharing: Enhancements designed to improve collaboration functionalities.

Why Are These Features Blocked?

Apple attributes the delay to regulatory hurdles related to the DMA, though specifics are vague. The company mentions concerns about “privacy and security,” but has not provided detailed explanations.

apples new ai feature delayed in eu launch
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Whether Apple can find a solution to satisfy regulators and eventually offer these features in the EU remains uncertain. This situation will be closely watched by both Apple and its EU customers in the coming months.

How do you feel about missing out on these features? Do you think Apple will find a way to bring them to the EU? Share your thoughts below.