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Alleged Snapdragon 775G Antutu Score Almost As Good as Snapdragon 865


Today is the day Qualcomm announces its new chipsets for the year 2021 — the Snapdragon 875 for the flagship market and the Snapdragon 775G for the mid-range. And while we’ve seen early benchmarks from the prototype version of the 875, this is the first time we’re seeing reports regarding the 775G, the supposed successor to the 765G.

Snapdragon 765G is a new entry in the industry as the chipset caters to a new market — the affordable 5G segment. For its first year, Qualcomm did a great job in balancing raw performance and 5G. Thanks to that, OnePlus Nord allowed the company to get back to its roots, and Moto G 5G Plus became the cheapest 5G phone in the Philippines. 

With the chipset yet to turn half-a-year old, Qualcomm is apparently already ready to announce the successor. Based on an alleged Antutu benchmark, the Snapdragon 775G managed to score a staggering 530,000 points, about a 65% increase in performance when compared with the 320,000 of the 765G, as GSMArena pointed out.

In that context, we’re looking at a near-Snapdragon 865 performance level, and that chipset is still being sold around the world. However, it’s still too early to get excited as nothing is final until reviewers get their hands-on the chipset.

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