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Alleged iPhone 11R Accidentally Revealed

iphone 11 series by Unbox Therapy
Snapshot from Unbox Therapy's video

We are more than a month away from the announcement of Apple’s next flagship phones, but before that even happens, leaks of images and specs are bound to happen first. In this case tho, it seems like the rumored iPhone 11R was accidentally revealed when a Twitter user decided to post photos of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

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iPhone 11R Pictured in the Wild With Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Thanks to Ice Universe, via Twitter, his keen eyes captured the alleged iPhone 11R on the reflection of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. Now, there’s been a lot of mockups and so-called aluminum “models” of the entire iPhone 11 series. Based on Unbox Therapy’s video, we have a good idea of the differences between the devices.

Snapshot from Unbox Therapy’s video (Left – Accurate Rendition of iPhone 11, Right – iPhone 11 CHinese Counterfeit)

While all three models will come with square cameras, the differentiating factor between them (for now) is the LED flash placement. In the case of iPhone 11R, it’s going to be placed somewhere in the middle (similar to what we see from the leaked photo).

A few interesting things to note here is the volume rocker on the right side (left side on the reflection) and the covered Apple logo. All that while being protected by a case. Now, there’s also a chance that we’re looking at a counterfeit unit given the obscurity of the image quality.

That said, we are only a few weeks away from the official announcement of the devices. While the 2019 iPhones will surely bring improvements to the table, the 2020 iPhones are more exciting to wait for due to the radical changes of the notch and display panels.

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  1. So… you base an article on a YouTube opinion video about a rumored product and call it “accidentally leaked”? Slow news day ba? Those images and models have been out in the wild for months now. Stop posting it like it’s “news”.

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