YouTube Is Adding Playback Speed Gestures

youtube is adding playback speed gestures

On mobile devices, the YouTube app is getting a new gesture that makes it easier to change the playing speed. Not that the way it works now on mobile devices makes it hard to change. But it definitely takes a little bit longer. And you could say that it’s a bigger problem for some people if they don’t know where to find the choice to change it.

So, this new way to change the speed of playing on YouTube is likely to be useful. Even more so considering how often gestures are used to move around on mobile devices. The new gesture will make it easier for app users to turn on the 2x playing speed. All users will have to do is hold down on the screen for a while while watching a movie. You have to be in the YouTube app and be watching a movie. Then, press and hold anywhere, and after a second or two, the 2x speed will start.

Compared to the way things are done now, this is much faster. As you won’t have to tap the screen and then tap the gear icon to get to the playing settings.

YouTube Playback Speed Gesture Testing

This will be a tool that all users can use in the future, but right now it is only available for testing. You also have to pay to YouTube Premium and turn it on in YouTube Labs before it will work.

Anyone can only test this function until August 13. So if you want to try it, make sure to turn it on before then. The cool thing is that the movie will only keep playing at double speed as long as you touch the screen. Think of it like a fast-forward button on a control that only works if you hold it down. It comes out the same here.