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Weavoo introduces Weavlet – a fashionable USB cable



Kency Ongkeco, founder of Weavoo, introduces their nature-friendly product called “Weavlet“.

Headed by Ongkeco, Weavoo officially opens its doors to customers. With an aim to give impact and make a social change, the start-up business gave birth to Weavlet – a USB/Lightning cable bracelet for Apple and Android devices.

Tech meets Lifestyle


However, this is not your typical USB/Lighting cable bracelet. With some help from Taguig Livelihood Center, the Weavlet combines tech and lifestyle in a nature-friendly way by coating it with waterlilies that runs about 8.5-inches.

So, instead of buying a USB cable that looks very standard, Weavlet offers style, and easy access without the need of stuffing the cord inside your messy bag.

Weavlet color trends let you choose from Jet Black, Sienna Brown, and Au Naturale with prices of Php220(Android) and Php249(Apple).

Weavoo is further expanding with future plans traversing on USB OTG, Keychains, ID USB Case, and more.

To find out more about them, just visit weavoophilippines.com or their official social media accounts. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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