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Vivo iQOO first flagship phone is foldable and flexible


Vivo is spinning a new flagship and premium brand under its management called the iQOO, this is a similar approach done by other brands like Xiaomi as to its Redmi and Realme by Oppo but on a budget focus lineup.

The first smartphone the Vivo iQOO might launch could be the leaked foldable and flexible device. It’s understandable given major brands like Samsung and Huawei will also launch their foldable phones this year.

There’s not much known about the iQOO foldable phone aside from it will be a one-step folding device with back to back glass in contrast with Xiaomi’s dual edge and dual folding device.

For the pricing, however, it is expected to be positioned at $1000 up or P54k pesos.

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