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Tips on Buying a Used Phone


Owning the latest smartphone with great specs and features is what most of us like. But those smartphones cost a fortune and we have to stick to our budget.

There’s a lot of ways to buy a good phone; saving money, wait for another release of the phone so that the phone you’re eyeing will drop its price.

So if you’re planning to buy a used smartphone here are the tips you need to remember.

1. What phone do you need?

Before buying a phone, you have to know what kind of phone that suits your needs. It doesn’t have to be the exact model.

Think of what specs you need, it could be the screen size or camera quality. Also, how much you can afford.

Researching might also help, you can watch or read phone reviews so that you’ll get a grasp for the phone you’re interested with.

2. Where to buy?

There are a lot of stores that sell a used phone, you just got to be extra careful because some of them cannot be trusted. That’s why it’s important to see if the seller is ‘legit’ and has good store reviews.

Another tip: don’t be shy to ask a lot of questions especially if you’re buying online. Ask for photos of the phone with a proof that it’s on hand. Don’t accept photos with an edited name just to prove it’s theirs.

Here are some of the places/online stores where you can buy used phones.

Remember to try your sim card in the phone to check if it’s completely working.

Another thing to consider is to know the seller if they’re selling a guaranteed used phone that isn’t stolen.

You can also ask your family or friends if they can recommend a store and ask their purchase experience. Also, you can also ask if they know anyone who has an older phone they’d be willing to sell for an affordable price.

Often times, this kind of deals can give the lowest pricing out of all mentioned above.

3. Is the phone in good condition?

It is important to check the phone to help you detect problems early, so you can cancel the deal or get your money back if you already bought it.

To fully check if the phone is working fine you should bring the following:

  • Powerbank and a charging cable
  • MicroSD card
  • Headphones
  • A sim card

Start with the screen to check if it has scratches, next check the volume rockers, power button and other physical keys if have any to test if they’re in good condition. And finally look at the back to check if it has dents or any visible damages.

After that, if the back is removable, check the components and the battery if its original. Next is to insert your SIM card and microSD cards and test the phone by making calls, sending messages and connecting to the internet. Also, check if the devices recognize the microSD card.

Lastly, plug in the headphones to check the ports if it is working well. And don’t forget the speakers to test if it’s still in good condition.

4. How to close the deal?

The first thing to consider is your budget. You should always offer a price lower than how much you’re willing to pay. Then start adding the amount until you’re both okay with the final price.

Always point out the dents of the device if it has any for a lower price.

If the seller does not agree when you reach the maximum amount you’re willing to pay, don’t be scared to walk away. There will always be more phones that suits you that can be bought at an affordable price.


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