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How To Prank Your Colleagues On Their Computers or Laptops

It would not be enjoyable if someone tampered with your laptop, as most people use it for work. It's an expensive piece of machinery,...
When Your PC Sleeps

What Happens When Your PC Sleeps?

What exactly happens when you select "Sleep" in your Windows PC's power options menu, and what happens next? We will explore what it means...
How Much Heat Does A Computer Generate

How Much Heat Does A Computer Generate?

Your computer can add a significant amount of heat to your home. This is whether you're working from home all day, playing video games...
MHz in memory

What is the MHz in memory and why does it matter?

There are a lot of memory variants today and we often ask others which one to get and what's the best in the market....
NVMe better than any other storage drive

Why is NVMe better than any other storage drive?

There are a lot of storage drives that exist as of today and they still keep coming, innovating, improving, and eliminating compromise day by...

What are the differences between SODIMM RAM and LODIMM RAM?

Random Access Memory or RAM isn't new to our ears. Since the pandemic, every household got their hands on desktops and laptops. The majority...