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Sweet Tooth Season 1 Review (SPOILER WARNING!)


Sweet Tooth is already available on Netflix! What better way to start our week is to have a review with the newest DC Comic adaptation in the streaming service.

Be warned, this will contain spoilers that are integral to the series’ main plot. If you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to binge the first season of Sweet Tooth and return here for our review.

With that said, let’s dive in!


Sweet Tooth is based on a DC Comic with a similar title which was created by Jeff Lemire. This Netflix Original series dives into a post-apocalyptic Earth wherein humans are suffering from a disease named H5G9. Also, shrouded with mystery are the Hybrids who appeared simultaneously with the virus. Among the Hybrids is Gus who, after the death of his father, goes out into the wild in search of his mother. Along the way, he meets new friends such as Jepperd the Big Man and Bear, a leader of an animal-based group who swears to protect hybrids.

There are also other characters who bring a different side of the world such as Dr. Singh and his wife who lives in a suburban area that consists of good-looking yet savage people. Another set of characters focuses on Aimee and The Preserve where she takes in abandoned hybrids and takes care of them.

At first glance, you may think that the story is too crowded, too many people to focus on, too many storylines to tell. But along the way, as the story slowly unravels itself, you get the chance to experience that these three separate stories converge into one. The way things unravel and how the different stories in this series connect is a beauty that would surprise and at the same time leave in awe of how well thought the story is.


The story’s slow pace will also let you understand better the character’s motivations. Despite that it is fiction, it tackles themes that fit our time today such as survival, family, and the uniqueness of a person. The series perfectly mirrors our world today as we also tackle the issues of a pandemic wherein Sweet Tooth shows its audience a cautionary tale. It shows to us how our world would be if something like a pandemic would continue and we let fear, panic, and chaos rule out instead of following protocols and being cautious.

The series also showcases the importance of a family. In Sweet Tooth, we get to learn that Gus was never related to both his Pubba and Birdie which makes him only a laboratory experiment. But Jepperd, Bear, Aimee, and even Dr. Singh showed us that despite our nature, our background, our appearance, and even our blood, we are family. We just have to accept each other’s flaws and help each one to have a place to belong to. Our past, our mistakes, and even our appearance don’t say who we can have as family or not.

Being unique is also one of the themes being repeated. Gus is a hybrid which means he is a half-human and half-animal. You would expect that he would be discriminated against because of how he looks like and not just him, the whole hybrid community, even the people harboring them, would be punished. This also acts as another mirror for our society as discrimination is rampant. People would hate you because you are from another race, another part of the world, or just by simply being you. Sweet Tooth tells us that there is nothing wrong in being different wherein the people who are discriminate, are the ones who are wrong.

Besides the story, the cinematography is perfect. There are tons of amazing scenes in the series which would make it distinct in its own way. The visual effects were decent and fitting for the story. There were not many visual effects in the series as they heavily rely on practical effects and makeup (Gus’s antlers and ears, Wendy’s pig nose and ears). The songs were perfectly chosen as it gives off a Southern vibe while listening to it.


The series is almost perfect. The one thing that felt off was the visual effects. Despite that it was used minimally, there were instances that you feel that it was not real. For example, the makeup for the hybrids. Don’t get me wrong, Gus’ antlers and ears and even Wendy’s pig nose and ears were good. It would give you a feeling of being authentic. However, when it comes to the other hybrids, it feels that most of them have just wigs and makeups plastered to them. Yes, you get the feeling that there are hybrids because they look different but you will get the sensation that it was rushed. They should’ve taken their time in designing the hybrids, making them more believable and real.


Sweet Tooth is perfect to binge if you are looking for something that would tug your heartstrings, jaw-dropping locales, and an awesome story that will give hope to you despite our situation today. Season one would make you crave for a second season right away as it leaves several unanswered questions like,

  • What would happen to Gus?
  • Will Jepperd and Aimee save the children-hybrids?
  • What is it with Johnny?
  • Will Dr. Singh find a cure without the hybrids?
  • What is the deal with General Abbot?
  • Will Gus meet Birdie?
  • Where is Birdie?

And tons more questions as you indulge yourself with the first season. Despite its lackluster visuals, the story is solid which will surely help you overlook it and focus more on what is happening. Sweet Tooth Season One will be rated…



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