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Sony Improves PlayStation Store on Web Browser, Adds Game Titles


Near the end of last month, Sony unveiled its new PlayStation Store on the web browser and mobile. And we must say, it was not a pleasant sight to behold. It just looks so plain and dull, without all the key features. There are no related product links, no screenshots. Just plain blocks of game titles.

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Worst, the game thumbnails did not come with a written game title. It would then require users and potential buyers to squint their eyes just to make out what is written on the small photos and figure out the game title for themselves.

It looks so unprofessional and not like a Sony PlayStation official web store at all. With all the improvements done to Sony’s game consoles during the years, we were hoping for an even better and user-friendly web store where we can browse through titles of games that literally stand out and grabs attention. That was not the case here, though.

Thankfully, Sony figured it out and actually tried to finish the unfinished-looking store. Now, there are titles written underneath the game icons in plain text with the price.

Good job so far, Sony. We do hope that they continue to improve their web store in preparation for the official release of the PlayStation 5.

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