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Sony Developing New PlayStation Handheld Device

PlayStation Portable Close up

The last time we got a handheld device from Sony was in 2011. However, the PlayStation Vita didn’t meet Sony’s expectations. The PS Vita has even garnered a failure for the video game company.

It seems that Sony has yet to release a spiritual successor for the PS Vita. According to Insider Gaming, Tom Henderson reported that the planned handheld console would be an accessory for the PlayStation 5. Codenamed “Q Lite,” it would not be a standalone handheld gaming device that would expectedly compete with the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. Players can access their PlayStation library through the PS Remote Play.

In the report, a rough speculation on what the Q Lite would be featuring. According to Henderson, this handheld will probably support 1080p streaming, a 60FPS, and a touch-enabled, 8-inch LCD screen.

Regarding the console’s controllers, the Q Lite will be provided with haptic feedback on adaptive triggers, similar to what the DualSense controllers have. It also include a speaker, volume buttons, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Also, this handheld device will require constant internet connectivity.

Sony didn’t release or confirmed yet its initial release for the Q Lite. Right now, Sony is planning to announce its second phase of the PS5. The Q Lite is expected to be announced and launched first before the anticipated PlayStation 5 Pro, which has a window release date of the holiday of 2024. There are also a handful of Sony devices yet to be released, such as the Project Nomad (wireless earphones) and Project Voyager (wireless headset).

We can expect Sony to reveal its full slate of gadgets and projects on this year’s PlayStation Showcase. Stay tuned for further updates.

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