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Social Media VS Mobile Texting – Which is Used Most By Filipinos

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Communication is the key to all understanding. We communicate because we love to express our side of the story, we communicate because it helps us understand their side of the story. Communication is a pretty instinct-driven thing that we mostly learn since birth. However, a new age of evolution passing us by, new ways to communicate are continually being developed, two, in particular, is mobile communication and social media practices.

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Traditional mobile texting

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We Filipinos are completely aware of how texting works. We’ve had it longer than Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites on the web. It was our ultimate way of communicating with far-off loved ones and friends, an evolution of the telephone and traditional email.

With that, though, is mobile texting losing its touch? Despite being the primary function of every cellular phone, people have become more infatuated with social media communication. Though we can’t arguably hide the fact that texting is still the most convenient way of communicating, thanks to its simple to follow nature and a lesser number of requirements, such as the lack of data or WiFi connection that social media obviously has.

Social Media Interactions


In this new age, social media has set a new standard in communicating, chats through social media sites were the instigators of it all, transitioning over to far more complex things such as communication around the globe through a particular medium.

Thanks to this growth, long-distant loved ones have become more and more close and the bridge of communication have become more sturdy. From simple chatting to social media interaction and even more, communication has truly reached a new level.

Which is used most by Filipinos

Social media and mobile texting have both made a huge impact in the culture of communication of us Filipinos. We’ve used texting a lot and just gotten used to social media activities and it has bridged a huge gap between us and our long-distant loved ones. Pinoy OFW’s have become much closer to their families thanks to social media while the everyday life of a Filipino revolves around texting friends, relatives, and families. However, when you look at things a broader aspect, social media has become much bigger than regular mobile texting. It not only does the communication part but also makes things much closer in for long-distant love ones.

Thanks to mediums like Skype and Facebook, its now easier to talk to your love ones anywhere in the world, so that alone is ┬ásomething that mobile texting cannot surpass alone. However, we can’t argue on the fact that social media only existed thanks to the past ways of communicating, with that we can safely say that social media is the new age of communicating and we can’t hide the fact that mobile texting itself was part of that evolution.

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