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Save up to ₱2000 When You Purchase a Sudio TWS!


If you’re looking for clean and minimalistic true wireless earbuds, Sudio’s TOLV and ETT are on sale this April. Sudio TOLV, which comes in black, green, blue, white, pink, and anthracite, is available for PHP4,300 (from PHP5,500) starting today. The Sudio ETT comes in white, black, pink, green, and anthracite colors for a price of PHP6,200 (from PHP8,200) starting April 19th. You can check each of their features and how the earbuds perform in the real world by reading our full review below.

There will be a running promo on the day of the sale of ETT, which gets you a free ladd+ wireless charger worth PHP2,400 for free until May 9th.



Sudio TOLV
Sudio ETT
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