Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Storage Details

samsung galaxy s6

Samsung Galaxy S6: After heavy criticisms from clients about Samsung removing the option for external microSD storage on the Galaxy S series, the pre-order page of the S6/S6 Edge revealed that the handsets would be in 32GB for the Galaxy S6 and 64GB for the S6 Edge.

The pre-order page for the handsets shows that the Galaxy S6 will range from 32GB right up to 128GB while the Galaxy S6 Edge will offer 64GB up to 128 GB.


Galaxy S6 Edge will be available in four available colors, which will be Sapphire Black, Pearl White, Platinum Gold and Emerald Green.

The details on the price tell that Galaxy S6 might start at $699 or Php31, 500. As for the Galaxy S6 Edge since it dons 64GB storage, the price might be higher ranging from $899 or Php40, 500. The handsets are expected to be released in the Philippines on April 10 or can be extended up to the 3rd week of the same month.