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Samsung Galaxy J7 (2015) vs J7 (2016) Ultimate Camera Comparison

samsung galaxy j7 2015 vs j7 2016 camera comparison review ph
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Another successor vs predecessor ultimate camera comparison goes through as Samsung’s Galaxy J7 2016 variant takes on its predecessor, the Galaxy J7 2015 variant. Which among these two Samsung shooters will top the other? Let’s all find out, shall we?

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First, let’s take a look at what these two can offer. The original Galaxy J7 and 2016 variant seem to pack an almost similar 13MP rear shooter and 5MP selfie shooter. With the 2015 variant edging out in its f/2.0 selfie shooter.

Camera specs

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) specs, PH price, features

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2015) specs, PH price, features

Sensor 13MP rear shooter 13MP rear shooter
Lens f/1.9 aperture f/1.9 aperture
Raw DNG Yes Yes
Video recorder 1080p at 30fps 1080p at 30fps
Front camera 5MP, f/1.9 5 MP, f/2.0
Flash LED  LED
Microphones Single Single

Daylight shooting

From first glance, it can clearly be seen that both shooters have huge differences in color tones. The  Galaxy J7 2016 delivered a more rich and cool colors while the original Galaxy J7 carried a reddish or warm coloring. Upon closer inspection on some outputs, the Galaxy J7 2015 showed more clear and sharp outputs.

On HDR outputs, both showcased a superior sharpening power in its outputs, though the Galaxy J7 2015 still delivered warm outputs, which makes it lose in the color accuracy department. The Galaxy J7 2016’s outputs, on the other hand, were more detailed and overall more satisfactorily.

Low-light and night shooting

On low-light and night shooting, the Galaxy J7 2016 version showed a more refined performance, thanks to its better noise cancellation capability, which helps the Galaxy J7 2016 deliver clearer and sharper outputs than the Galaxy J7 2015.

Color tones and detail, however, are a bit similar between the two, with the Galaxy J7 2016 and 2015 outputs showing off warmer colors on low-light, while in night shooting, both deliver distinguishable outputs.

On flash shooting, Galaxy J7 2016 variant showed that it is a more capable shooter, thanks to its more color accurate and better output, while on the other hand, the Galaxy J7 2015 continues to deliver warmer and out-of-sync outputs.

Selfie shooting

For selfies, the Galaxy J7 2016 delivered a shaky and a bit overexposed output in daylight outdoor shooting. Honestly, the Galaxy J7 2015 delivered a more favourable output in this department, thanks to its balanced and detail preserved output.

For flash selfies under low-light, the Galaxy J7 2016 delivered bright and a tad bit overexposed output, while the Galaxy J7 2015 delivered a more dimmed and warm colored output. Personally, the Galaxy J7 2016 seems to be better in this part, since its outputs are more satisfactorily, because its brighter and more distinguishable.


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The Galaxy J7 2016 surely is the more upgraded shooter between the two, thanks to its more accurate and adaptable cameras. The Galaxy J7 2015 version simply lost fair and square to its successor, which was expected from the start. Nevertheless, both camera shooters are capable in their own right.

What do you guys think? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this comparison. Share us your opinion on the comment section below. Be seeing you all with another comparison, Mabuhay, Manila!

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