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Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55 Screens, Cameras Get High Marks from DxOMark

Galaxy A35 and A55


Samsung has just launched its new Galaxy A35 and A55 smartphones worldwide, and they’re already turning heads. A top authority in testing displays and cameras, DxOMark, has given both phones a big thumbs up!


So, what’s the buzz about? Well, DxOMark found that the Galaxy A35’s screen can shine super bright, reaching 1344 nits, while the A55 goes even higher with an impressive 1638 nits! To put that in perspective, last year’s high-end Galaxy S23 hit 1600 nits. It’s pretty amazing that these mid-range phones can match the brightness of top-tier flagships.

But it’s not just about brightness. DxOMark also loved how accurately both phones showed colors, no matter the lighting. And when it comes to watching HDR videos, they perform like champs.

Now, let’s talk cameras. The Galaxy A35 snagged the second-best spot in its price range, especially excelling in outdoor shots and video. But the A55 landed in fifteenth place for its camera performance. While it’s great for everyday snaps, it might struggle a bit in challenging lighting or capturing moving scenes.

If you’re thinking about getting one, the Galaxy A55 5G is priced at ₱24,990 (8+256GB), while the Galaxy A35 5G is a steal at ₱20,990 (8+256GB).

So, are you tempted to grab one of these shiny new smartphones?


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