Samsung Accidently Releases Galaxy Z Flip5 Price

galaxy z flip5

Samsung Romania is having a promotion where people who pre-register between July 26 and August 2 can win one of ten Galaxy Z Flip5 phones. They had to put up a PDF with the rules for this promotion, which included the prices of the things that were being given away. Oops.

This paper says that the Z Flip5 256GB costs RON 6,599 (₱81,600), which is the same as €1,335. Last year, a Z Flip4 256GB cost RON 5,700 (₱70,400) when it came out, so the new model is 16% more expensive.

samsung phone

There have been a few leaks in the past. One from Greece said the 128GB model would cost €1,300 (₱80,000), and one from France said the 256GB model would cost €1,200 (₱73,200), which is a small rise from the Z Flip4 256GB, which cost €1,170 (₱71,300) last year.

Note that the VAT is different in each EU country:

  • 19% in Greece
  • 24% in Romania
  • 20% in France.

Still, there is a big difference between these prices. The Romanian leak says the pre-VAT price is €1,120 (₱68,300), while the French leak says it is €1,000 (₱61,000) (both prices are for the 256GB unit). The Greek leak shows that the 128GB model will cost €1,050 (₱64,000) before VAT.

A difference of €70 (₱4,200) (before VAT) between the 128GB and 256GB models seems fair, but it also makes the French price for the 256GB model seem suspiciously low.

The official price will be out very soon! This July 26, 2023 you may expect to know the official price of the awaited Galaxy Z Flip5. Also, the French tip said that the Galaxy Z Fold5’s price would go up even more (by €100–€120), but Romania and Greece haven’t said anything about this yet.