Red Magic Unveils Cooler 5 Pro with MagSafe Compatibility

red magic cooler 5 pro


Red Magic has recently unveiled its latest innovation tailored for mobile gaming enthusiasts! The Cooler 5 Pro. This cutting-edge accessory not only boasts MagSafe magnetic support but also features a convenient back clip, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of smartphones.

Promising superior cooling performance, the Red Magic Cooler 5 Pro is equipped with advanced AI thermal control, dynamically adjusting to the device’s temperature for optimal cooling efficiency. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is exclusively accessible through an Android application, leaving iPhone users without automatic adjustments.

Designed by the gaming branch of nubia, this device claims to reduce smartphone temperatures by up to 35 degrees Celsius and achieve a remarkable -12-degree cooling effect. Official specifications suggest that it can swiftly lower temperatures from 28 degrees to 0 in just 30 seconds.

red magic cooler 5 pro

With a 7-blade fan capable of spinning at speeds of up to 5500 rpm, the Red Magic Cooler 5 Pro operates quietly, never exceeding 35 dB. Additionally, it features a 3D VC liquid cooling plate spanning a total size of 3060 square millimeters. Notably, it relies on external power, necessitating connection to either the phone or an external charger.

Available for purchase starting April 15 at PHP3,599 without the back clip and PHP3,899 with back clip.

Are you intrigued by the new Red Magic Cooler 5 Pro and its promising cooling capabilities for mobile gaming?