ProTruly Darling Smartphone features 360-degree camera


ProTruly Darling Smartphone introduced at MWC

Smartphone manufacturers always try to include innovation to their own products. While some “innovative smartphone” generally works for the consumers, some push innovation too much that it collapses on itself.

Enter the ProTruly Darling Smartphone.

A 5.5-inch tall smartphone, capable of recording a 360-degree video and capturing photos at the same time. Sounds good? That’s the innovative part.

Let’s go the basic specs. It utilizes a 1080p screen resolution, runs on MediaTek Helio X20 chipset with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, packs in a 3560mAh battery, and carries 13MP sensors for both rear/front cameras.

Specs are not bad, design-wise – it’s still slim and sleek looking but the unusual design makes the device look like an “alienated” product.

Due to its innovative feature, large camera modules were installed on the phone that resulted to (not so) large camera hump on the front and back.

The design might not be generally accepted by consumers, so ProTruly decided to make a higher model with a few added bling.

Instead of a plastic cap on top, the higher model replaced it with a leather finish and a gold trim with four embedded diamonds.

Should that work for you, the flourished variant comes with a price close to $1300 USD while the regular variant lets you own it half the price, around $600 USD.

China-based ProTruly, according to their website, “is a high-tech enterprise dedicating to provide advanced electronic vision solution, products, technique, and service.” Click here to learn more.

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{Source via TheVerge}

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