Postpaid VS Prepaid – Which is Better?

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Today, many telco companies have started to offer up various plans for various handsets, in which they can fully get their desired phone via the postpaid or prepaid plan. Recent flagships like the iPhone 6S and newer ones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 are getting a lot of people hyped about this particular service. However, which might actually be better for an ordinary Juan? A postpaid plan or a prepaid plan?

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What is Postpaid?

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Postpaid or postpaid plans are a monthly contractual arrangement with a mobile network company. Users are billed according to their consumed mobile services at the end of the month. It’s really not that hard to understand what postpaid plans are. Typically, the market for such services are millennials or corporate workers that can’t exactly compute their consumption rate at a given time, so consuming first before the bill gets billed is a better option for them.

Pros of Postpaid plan

  • Little-to-no upfront costs
  • Won’t have to pay until the first month is over
  • Doesn’t exactly require you to purchase a phone
  • No set mobile service limit
  • Hassle-free

Cons of Postpaid plans

  • Compulsory monthly fees might be a problem
  • Great risk of overspending on mobile services
  • Overusing the services could rack up the costs
  • Locked on a contract

What is Prepaid?

smart-bigbytes-pasadata-barkada-99-299-philippines-prepaid-promoPrepaid plans, on the other hand, don’t exactly require the users to commit to a contract. The users only have to prepay their mobile services before being able to use the said services. The services are given an expiry date and should be consumed fully before it expired or naturally, you won’t be maximizing the service at all. Prepaid plans are specifically chosen by household heads since they themselves could balance out the consumption rate of the household by limiting their usage.

Pros of Prepaid plans

  • No commitment on contract
  • Lesser risk of overspending
  • You opt to pay for what you use
  • Maximizes usage control
  • No compulsory monthly fees

Cons of Prepaid plans

  • Purchasing a phone with the plan can be rather costly
  • Limited mobile service
  • Unused/Expired credits can be a waste
  • Requires rigorous consumption control

Which is better, Postpaid or Prepaid?

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Both services have their specified pros and cons. They also have certain targeted markets that would greatly benefit the said services, with postpaid plans favouring more on the millennial’s side while prepaid on to more a family-oriented market. Nevertheless, we personally feel that Postpaid will save you all the hustle and bustle of topping up your plan with credits and limiting yourself to the mobile services. We felt that setting up a limit for yourself could prove to be drastic, especially in times of emergency situation wherein a call could be crucial.

What do you guys prefer? Are you guys opting for prepaid plans or postpaid? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear what you think.

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