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POGO No More! Now Rebranded as Internet Gaming Licensees, IGL

Internet Gaming Licensees

The head of Philippine gaming regulator PAGCOR, Chairman and CEO, has announced a change in terminology for licensed offshore gaming operators (POGOs). They will now be known as “Internet Gaming Licensees” (IGLs) instead of POGOs, as part of efforts to align the offshore gaming industry.

PAGCOR had placed all POGOs on probation in August and imposed a stricter vetting process under an updated regulatory framework.

In an interview at G2E in Las Vegas, the PAGCOR chief shared insights into the relicensing process. The complete list of newly licensed IGLs will be disclosed at the end of October, including the URLs of legal online gaming websites operated by these licensees.

interview at g2e in las vegas
interview at g2e in las vegas

The plan is to issue 55 to 65 IGL licenses, eliminating service provider licenses.

The governance of service providers and their integration into the IGL licensee’s operations remains uncertain.

The goal is to ensure transparency in the new regulatory approach. PAGCOR aims to update its website and utilize various media channels to inform the public about the new licensees. This move is part of PAGCOR’s commitment to combat illegal operators by providing clear information about legal licensees.


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