Minecraft 1.20 – How to Download and Install

minecraft 1.20

The latest version of Minecraft, 1.20 Trails and Tales, has just been released. Who else is pumped up? Well, how do you download it? So, there are two possible courses of action here. To begin, downloading Minecraft 1.20 will be less of a hassle for you if you already have the Minecraft launcher installed on your computer.

You should be able to locate a little arrow that points to “Latest Release” in the bottom-left corner of the screen. If you already have the most recent version of Java installed, then this will work.


How do you tell if you have the most recent version of Java?  If the background is similar to the one shown in the image that is displayed above, then it will be simple to tell whether or not you have the most recent edition.

After selecting the Latest Edition from the drop-down menu, you are ready to go on to the Play button. With just that simple action, it will begin downloading everything that it need. 

After the download has been completed successfully, you are free to launch into your worlds and begin enjoying them.

If I do not have a Minecraft Launcher, what should I do?

Minecraft Launcher Website

1.20 2

Launch Minecraft by going to its website. Choose the Minecraft Launcher edition to download from this page. You can download whatever edition you like from this page, but in this case choose the Minecraft Launcher edition. 

1.20 3

Simply select the Get Free button located on the left side of the page. 

After that, it will take you to a new page where you can log in to your account

1.20 4

After finishing that, you should be able to download the Minecraft Launcher at this point. 

Microsoft Store

1.20 5

Simply conduct a search on your computer for the Microsoft Store.

After reaching that point, in the space designated for searching, put “Microsoft Launcher.”

1.20 6

You will see that there is a button labeled Get located at the very bottom of the screen. It really is that simple, is it not?

What’s New in Minecraft 1.20?

New Blocks 

Chiseled bookshelf 

It is a new kind of bookshelf that can hold both normal books and books with magic. This block has no interface, and you can take or put books in it by hitting the right mouse button. Six books can fit on the chiseled shelves. 

Bamboo Planks 

Bamboo boards can be used as building blocks or to make fences, slabs, doors, pressure plates, and other blocks. A new bamboo mosaic block can also be made with them. 

Bamboo Mosaic 

It is a building block that can be used to make stairs and floors, as well as to build things. 

Hanging Sign 

You can write on this block and use it as a street sign, for example. The sign on the wall is made of logs and chains. How the sign looks depends on the logs that were used to make it. 

Ancient Plant 

It’s a new plant that you can get by putting old seeds. 

Sniffer Egg 

It’s a pretty valuable block that you can find in Ocean Ruins, more specifically in chests there. You can hatch a new animal from this egg. It will be a sniffer. 

New Items 

Ancient Seeds 

You cannot find them on your own, only with the help of a sniffer. This creature digs up the ground to bring you ancient seeds. By planting such a seed, you can get a new plant. 

New Mobs 


You can’t find them on your own; you need a sniffer to help you. This creature digs in the ground to find old seeds for you. You can get a new plant from such a seed if you plant it. 


It’s a new animal that you can ride to get around the world. You can get a baby camel by giving a cactus to an adult camel and making it eat it. Along rivers and gorges, it goes faster than any other animal. A camel, unlike a horse, can take up to two people.