Microsoft Teams to Introduce Walkie-Talkie Functionality for iPhones

walkie-talkie iphone


Microsoft just dropped a bombshell on their roadmap for Microsoft 365. They’re integrating Teams Walkie-Talkie with Apple’s Push-to-Talk framework for iOS devices. But what does that mean for us? Well, imagine having the functionality of a walkie-talkie right on your iPhone, seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams.

What is Teams Walkie-Talkie?

It’s like having a virtual walkie-talkie in your pocket, allowing you to chat instantly and securely with your colleagues. And now, with this integration, it’s getting even better. Apple’s PTT framework lets developers create walkie-talkie features in their apps, but with system-wide controls and efficient background operation.

Translation? You can use Walkie-Talkie mode straight from your lock screen, even when Teams isn’t open on your phone.

microsoft teams to introduce walkie talkie functionality for iphones

The best part? This feature is coming soon! Set to launch in May 2024. And it’s not just for iOS users. Android folks, you’re included too! So, get ready to chat on the go, whether you’re on your iPhone or Android device. With this integration, staying connected has never been easier.

Exciting, isn’t it? Who’s ready to start walkie-talkie chatting?

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