Meta Confirms Testing Ad Break on Instagram

ad break on instagram

Instagram, one of the beloved social media platform, is reportedly experimenting a new feature, and it might not be a good news for everyone. According to reports, Meta is exploring ways to enhance value for advertisers through a new feature, an ad break on Instagram.

So, what’s the deal with these ad breaks? A countdown timer pops up, pausing your scroll until you’ve watched the ad. Sound familiar? Yes, it is somehow similar to YouTube’s ad system, complete with midroll interruptions.

If you’re part of the lucky—or not-so-lucky—Instagram users in this test, you’ll receive a notice just like the one in below.

Ad Break on Instagram

“You’re seeing an ad break. Ad breaks are a new way of seeing ads on Instagram. Sometimes you may need to view an ad before you keep browsing.”

As we all know Instagram has been evolving into more than just a photo-sharing platform. With features like Stories and Reels, it’s become a hotspot for sharing videos.

What’s your take on this potential Instagram update? Are you ready for more ad break on Instagram, or do you prefer the good old days of uninterrupted scrolling?