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Life Expectancy Can Increase to 120 Years

Life Expectancy

In the next few decades, technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and the knowledge learned from the Covid-19 pandemic are expected to make it possible for people to live up to 120 years. This was reported by Swedish Television (SVT) on Sunday.

Ignat Kulkov, a researcher at Malardalen University (MDU), told SVT that they expect people to live between 100 and 120 years in about 50 years, at least in rich countries.

People in their 80s are also expected to be as healthy as people in their 40s. This is largely because of how quickly technology is changing, Kulkov said. The results of the study, which he did with people from universities in Finland, France, and the UK, were published in the scientific journal Futures.

“More and more people will track their health with gadgets they wear. “These devices will be linked to doctors and hospitals,” Kulkov said. He also said that some of the monitors would be implanted.

With these kinds of tools, doctors will be able to suggest living changes early on, which will lead to better health and a longer life, he said.

Scientists have found that progress in other areas will also help people live longer.

Kulkov said that the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a better understanding of how to track viruses more effectively. AI is already being used to spot diseases faster and come up with new treatments.

He also said that personalized medicine, in which drugs are made for each person, is likely to help improve health.

Kulkov did say, though, that there are also new problems.

“Climate change will have the biggest effect on our health care systems and our lives, not just in the future but right now as well,” he said.

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