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Join the #BTSUniformChallenge to Support the Students


In this “new normal,” it has proven that the shift of physical academic activities to e-learning or online classes is a mental challenge for every student. And, OPPO’s Back to School – Save the Children Campaign acknowledges that reality. To show support to students who are doing their best to cope up with the pandemic, OPPO is inviting you to join the BTS Uniform Challenge. All you need to do is to share a before and after carousel photo of you in your high school or college uniform. Share your thoughts on how hard it is for students to adjust to the new online distance learning and why there is a need to show moral support for them even during these challenging times. You can check the required guidelines below.

  1. Make sure to mention the Back To School Uniform Challenge and nominate 1-3 friends and family to take part in this challenge.
  2. Use the hashtags: #eSchoolWithOPPO #BTSUniformChallenge
  3. Tag OPPO in the post @OPPOphilippines 
  4. Always spell OPPO in all caps 
  5. Do not use any derogatory terms or bad words or inappropriate images in the post. Be empathetic and don’t invalidate the struggle of each student.¬†
  6. Post this link and visit https://bit.ly/saveandoppo to donate.

OPPO hopes that through this campaign, it will be able to support more students by donating to #eschoolwithOPPO.

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