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How to Join a Zoom Meeting

How to Join a Zoom Meeting
How to Join a Zoom Meeting

In terms of inviting you to join a meeting, Zoom doesn’t hold back. Even if you haven’t downloaded Zoom’s software, the firm offers a number of options for starting a video call. You can join a Zoom meeting in any of the ways listed below.

How to Participate in a Zoom Meeting

The meeting must first be set up by the host before you can join it on Zoom. The hosts will begin the session, and then anyone can participate. The meeting will still need to be scheduled in advance, but the host can enable an option that lets users join before the host shows up.

Make use of the Zoom application

If Zoom is already installed on your device, you can join a meeting straight from the app by entering the meeting ID or personal link name that the host has supplied to you.

You will be prompted to sign in when you launch Zoom. You can choose “Sign In,” or sign in with SSO, Google, or Facebook, after entering your email address and password. If you choose Google or Facebook, you’ll be taken to the appropriate sign-in page. You will need to know the corporate URL, which is often companyname>.zoom.us, if you choose to sign in via SSO.

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Whatever type of sign-in you select, after it’s finished, you’ll be on the Zoom app’s home page. Choose “Join” from here.

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There will be a new window. Enter the meeting ID that was supplied to you when you responded to the email invitation in the first field. If you happen to know the name of the personal connection, you can also use that instead.

Enter your display name below that, decide whether you want to join the meeting with audio and video-enabled, and then click the “Join” button.

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The meeting will now begin for you.

Access the Zoom website

They must have registered a company URL with Zoom if you’re joining a meeting with another company. Generally speaking, this is companyname>.zoom.us, but make sure to check with the host.


Using your preferred browser, navigate to the corporate URL once you have it. There will be variations in how each company’s landing page looks, but the selections are generally going to be the same.



Decide whether to “Join.”


You must now enter the meeting ID or personal link name that you should have obtained from the meeting’s host. Select “Join” when you’ve done that.


The meeting will now have you as a participant.

Access the Email Link

You will get an email invitation from a host when they extend one. ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ is the first link in the mail. Activate that link.

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You will be taken to the Zoom meeting once you have been chosen.


Call the Meeting

It’s also an option to simply call the meeting on your phone if that’s what you like to do.Can find the teleconference number in the email invitation you received.

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You also have the choice to just call the meeting using your phone. You can find the teleconference number in the email invitation you were sent.



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