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How to Insert a Video in Google Docs in 3 Ways

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Unlike Microsoft Word, Google Docs does not allow you to embed videos directly into your documents. Here are a few workarounds for embedding a video in a Google Doc.

1. Video Preview

When you insert a YouTube video link into Google Docs, you can take extra action to display a YouTube video link differently. With this feature, you can also see the option of previewing the video in your document window. You can use this method to use videos you can effortlessly access via a URL.

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The video link should be typed or pasted into your document to appear in your paper. To display the title of the video instead of the link, you will see a brief message asking if you wish to do so. You can accept this message by selecting it or using the Tab key.

Hover your cursor over the link when it appears as the video title. For the video, you’ll see a Smart Chip. To preview the Smart Chip, move your cursor to it and click “Open Preview.”  

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Located at the bottom right of your laptop or computer screen, you will see a player allowing you to watch the video. The controls will naturally appear when you hover your cursor over the video. This is as simple and easy as clicking on the X at the top right of the video player when you have finished watching the video to close it.

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The controls will appear when your cursor hovers over the video. After watching the video, you can close the player by clicking the X in the top right corner. 

2. Google Slides 

Using Google Slides and the drawing tool in Google Docs is another option for incorporating a video into the document. This method works well if you have a video link saved to Google Drive or an online connection.

Using Google Slides, go to the Insert menu on the left side of the screen and select video to add the video to a slide. If you can’t find your video, you can use the “Search,” “By URL,” or “Google Drive” tabs to find it. Once you have selected it, click “Select” to insert it into the document.
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The video will appear on the slide; you must copy it. Right-click the file and then choose “Copy,” You can use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C on Windows or Command + C on Mac to copy it.

When you are back in Google Docs, go to Insert > Drawing > New from the menu and create a drawing on your document.

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In the Drawing window, paste the video you have on your clipboard. If you’re going to use a Mac or Windows, you can use the shortcut Ctrl+V or right-click and choose “Paste.”  

Choose “Save and Close” when the video appears in the Drawing window.

The video will now appear as an image in your document.

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Double-click the image and select Play when the video appears in the drawing tool.

The playback controls will appear when you hover your cursor over the video. The drawing window can be closed after you finish watching.

3. Extension

One more option is available if neither of the above solutions meets your needs. You can install an add-on from a third party called DocuTube Viewer to view YouTube videos on Google Docs. You can create a sidebar in your document where you can play one or more videos at once.

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To install the tool, go to the Google Workspace Marketplace and select it from the list of available add-ons. Your Google Docs document should now contain a link to your video. Adding more than one video link is also possible.

Choose “Watch” in the pop-out menu of DocuTube Viewer from the Extensions menu.

Click “Load Videos” in the sidebar when the add-on opens.

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In the sidebar, you will see all the videos from the links you have included in your document. When you click on Play, you can watch the video in the screen’s sidebar for the one you selected. You can easily pause and resume any video by hovering your cursor over it.

No matter which method you use, at least you now have the option of inserting a video into a Google Doc. You might also consider inserting a flowchart or diagram in your document if you’re looking for another way to add visuals.

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