HD Photos, Albums, Larger File Limit Now Possible With Messenger New Update



Get ready for some exciting updates to your favorite messaging app! Meta has rolled out several new features for Messenger that will make sharing photos, videos, and files with friends and family a lot easier and more fun.

Here’s what’s new:

Shared Albums in Chats

photo album

Now you can create shared photo and video albums directly within your group chats! Just select multiple images from your chat composer and choose “Create Album.” Everyone in the chat can view, add, delete, and download pictures and videos in these shared albums, making it perfect for organizing photos from special occasions.

HD Photo Sharing

hd photos

Want to share your photos in stunning detail? Messenger now offers an HD option when sending images. Just toggle the “HD” setting after selecting your images, and you can send multiple photos in high-definition to your friends.

Larger File Sharing

file sharing

Move over email! Messenger now lets you send larger files up to 100MB directly within your chats. Send Word, PDF, Excel, or zip files with ease by tapping the + button and selecting the file you want to share from your device.

Connect with QR Codes

qr codes

Making new friends on Messenger just got a whole lot easier. You can now connect with others by scanning a QR code, eliminating the hassle of typing out someone’s name or number to start chatting.

These new features are available now on mobile for all Messenger users. How will you use them to stay connected with your loved ones?