Google Unveils Enhanced Android Desktop Mode for Android 15

android 15


Android, is gearing up to level up its game in the desktop computing arena with the highly anticipated Android 15 update according to Android Authority. While Android has long been a powerhouse on smartphones and tablets, it has trailed behind macOS and Windows in the desktop realm due to some missing features.

One major focus has been improving window management, enabling smoother handling of multiple apps on the screen simultaneously. While Android already supports split-screen mode for two apps side-by-side, it struggles with more complex multi-window setups. Freeform window mode allows for additional apps on screen, but it’s been somewhat clunky compared to desktop operating systems.

Fortunately, Google has been addressing these shortcomings, although discreetly. Hidden behind various flags, the new desktop mode is gradually taking shape.

A recent beta update offered a sneak peek into the evolving windowing system, showcasing features like resizable windows with title bars, intuitive window snapping, and quick toggles for different window modes.

Despite these strides, Android still has ground to cover before it can rival traditional desktop environments. Key areas needing improvement include a more robust desktop launcher, better support for keyboard shortcuts, and enhanced app compatibility for drag-and-drop functionality.

As for when users can expect the revamped desktop experience to roll out officially, the timeline remains uncertain. However, with Google’s recent moves such as enabling display output on the Pixel 8 series, speculation suggests it could coincide with the launch of the upcoming Pixel 9 series.

Excited about the potential for Android’s desktop evolution?