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Globe Telecom’s Potential Security Flaw


The problem of recycling numbers may be bigger than once imagined.

Globe postpaid subscribers exude in the exclusivity of the numbers they gain that starts with 0917. Only those, apart from old Globe prepaid numbers from the yesteryears, enjoy the prefix.

It’s a niche perk but a perk nonetheless s8pwiz2.

The value proposition is sound. I agree. To a certain degree.

With it comes the notion that the number was someone else’s and will entail some hurdles.

These so called roadblocks come in the form of having random people or promotions message you about memberships, personal matters, and some long-forgotten connections asking to ‘catch up’.

This is all well and good as phones come with number blocking now or you can simply inform all of them, tediously, that the person who used to own the account is no longer using the said number.

But with it comes another layer to secure.

It has come to my attention that the online accounts access for Globe is not as safe as initially thought.

A source sent me screen shots of him being able to access his old account, under another person’s name now, complete with home address, numbers he has contacted, and can even go as far as being able to redeem rewards points for yourself or to have a billing statement sent to his email instead of the intended recipient.

In order to protect the identity of both the old and new account holder, I’ve taken off details and information from the screen grab to show you details of how much information can be accessed through the Globe online portal.

If you happen to be a Globe postpaid subscriber using a recycled number, please verify now if someone else has access to your account.

It is advised to check with Globe how you can determine and secure your online profile and activities.

I ask Globe, also, to kindly verify if this is, in fact, something that can happen to everyone with recycled numbers and what steps can we all to do overcome this hurdle.

This was written without any malicious intent. We happened on a potential security flaw that could be abused or may already be being abused.

We hope that your online accounts are secure.

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  1. There are also flaws when numbers werenspecifically tied to their previous owners are registered to web services. To name a few: email providers; social media like Facebook, WeChat; services like Steam, Viber, and more where accounts used to be backed by SMS authentication. Very annoying and potentially dangerous.

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