Five Apps or Functions To Put on LG V10’s Secondary Screen App Shortcuts

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We might see a lot of people seeing the V10’s secondary screen shortcut place to fill in more and more social media related apps, however, they’re not the only apps or functions that could be put there. A few functional apps on the V10 could actually save you all the effort in getting to them than some of your social media stuff, however we can’t argue the fact the social media is something that we frequently indulge ourselves, so, in regards to that, we figured to provide a list of Five apps or functions to put on the V10’s secondary screen shortcut.


Some may choose Instagram over the norma functional camera app on your smartphone, but truth be told, the Camera function of V10 has a few unique features that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Getting a slot for this function will keep things going for you and could give you easy access to shooting either videos or simply still images. A very common pick for the shortcut, though is still one of the most useful, the camera function is good to carry around on the shortcut screen, just in case, a call for selfie hits you hard.

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Music Player

The best way to get away of every sticky situation is to indulge yourself with your own preferred music. You could pick a a music player, straight from the PlayStore or simply just enjoy the built-in music player, either way, this is a highly recommended pick for the second screen shortcut. With your music player, in tack on the 2nd screen shortcut, it’ll be much more easier to access this frequently used feature with a breeze and efficiency. A good way to get out of the busy streets and into your own world.

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Time killing games or Frequently played games

This could either be clash of clans or subway surfers or whatever you’re into. Having a game in your shortcut place could be really useful, when your stuck on traffic and we all know how traffic in Manila is (i’m specifically referring to you EDSA!). Long travels are often shortened by games and the V10’s shortcuts on the secondary screen provides the utility in getting access to the games you mostly play. Getting closer to the game would save you more time and effort in getting up close and personal with your beloved game, which is always a really, really good thing.

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As convenient as possible, the messages function should always have a slot on your five slot shortcut on the V10. This primarily will help you deliver a easier access on the any received text message, which could either be urgent or non-important. The shortcut function provides great utility overall and having one of the most frequently used function of the smartphone in hand.

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Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Social media stuff, Pick One!)

Well, on the most frequently used function on a smartphone. Social media apps are always a good choice to put in the LG V10’s second screen app shortcut place, which isn’t much surprising as i thought it’ll be. The LG V10’s five slots could simply just be full of social media functions, which won’t be much of a shocker. Whatever choice you pick, you only have one slot at this point. Pick one and go with it, pick the most used Social media platform and get them on that very important final slot.

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Specs/ PH price

LG V10 specs, PH price, features

Display 5.7-inch IPS 1440p QHD Quantum display, 513ppi
Size 8.6mm thickness, 192g weight
Color Space black, luxe, white, modern beige, ocean blue, opal blue
Protection Cornings Gorilla Glass 4
Chip Qualcomm Snapdraon 808 SoC chipset
Graphics Adreno 418
Processor 64 GB, 4 GB RAM, microSD, up to 128 GB
Memory Quad-core 1.44 GHz Cortex-A53 & dual-core 1.82 GHz Cortex-A57
Main Shooter 16MP rear shooter, F1.8 aperture/OIS
Multimedia 2160p@30fps 4K UHD video recorder
Front facing shooter 5MP selfie shooter, dual-lens
Connectivity LTE-A Cat 6, WiFi ac, BT 4.1, NFC, GPS, GLONASS
OS Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
Software features Ok Google, Android TV
Battery Capacity 3000 mAh battery
Ports and charging microUSB v2.0
Released date October
Official price Php 37,990 official SRP
Where to buy LG stores and online stores

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