Efficient Ways to Keep Your Kindle Batteries Healthy

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Having a long vacation, always traveling, or just simply love to constantly read? Kindle is a reading device for e-readers to enjoy. The device gives sharp screen images that resemble text printed on paper. It can store 200 e-books for e-readers to enjoy and here are a few tips to use your kindle efficiently and keep the batteries healthy.


To keep your library in sync and updated, kindle uses the internet. If you currently have a book that is already saved in your local storage, it is recommended to use airplane mode. There will also be instances that you might be using the internet even though there is no connection yet the airplane mode is not active.


Since Kindle uses E-Ink to mimic printed paper, Screen glares won’t be a problem if you are reading in broad daylight. It should be a good habit to keep your brightness at a minimum when reading in a highly illuminated environment to save battery life.


Another way to save your Kindle battery is to enable a power saver and turn off page refresh. Turning off the page refresh might make a small difference but it may save your Kindle battery in the long run. Enabling a power saver would really make a difference if you wanna prolong your kindle’s battery life, however, some older models do not have this feature.


Moving on to the more technical part in case your kindle experiences an issue. Bugs and glitches may also affect the battery life or even the main device as well. Updating your kindle may be a good idea if such technical issues arise keeping your kindle device healthy. You could also try a quick restart fix to reset your kindle device.


You may also check for corrupted books since kindle will index all the books that are added to your storage. If there are corrupted books, kindle will have a hard time re-indexing all of the corrupted books which may result in issues and even stress the batteries.


The last tip to use the kindle efficiently is to charge while you download your books since it will take a lot of resources to download books or move books to your PC. Not only it keeps your batteries healthy while doing such things, but It also keeps your kindle ready and full the moment you use it outside or whenever you plan on reading. And if there are any circumstances in which you experience a battery failure it would be in your best interest that you replace the battery for it may affect the performance of the device.


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