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Ateneo Students Startup develop Scheduler App MeetBit

App MeetBit
App MeetBit

When scheduling a meeting manually, it can be difficult to find a time when everyone on the team is free. You can get it done quickly with the help of a new software called MeetBit.

MeetBit is a desktop application that can be used on Windows and Mac that looks up the team members’ current calendar apps, overlays them to see when everyone is free, and then generates a link for meetings. This lessens the back and forth communication that usually occurs when scheduling meetings manually.

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Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook are two calendars that are supported. Additionally, the app integrates with Zoom and Skype, two popular video conferencing programs. Although MeetBit’s free edition offers the majority of its functionality, more sophisticated features can also be found in a subscription version.

Ateneo de Manila University undergraduates formed the startup that created MeetBit. Students Lance Villacin and Kirsten Marini Sy stated in an interview with Start Up Podcast PH that they were looking for a solution to streamline appointments and bookings by combining numerous calendars into a single view.

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