Apple May Be Reducing Vision Pro Production

vision pro

It was a big deal when Apple showed off the Vision Pro headset, but some people weren’t too excited about it. The company may have another problem: it may need help making enough products.

The Financial Times says that Apple has to drastically cut the number of Vision Pros it makes from more than a million to less than 400,000. This comes from two people close to Apple and the company that makes the phone, Luxshare. Since last year, when protests over pandemic lockdowns at Foxconn caused it to make more iPhones, AirPods, and other Apple devices, the China-based company has become an increasingly important supplier to Apple.

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The internal sales goal was said to be more than one million, which is a lot for a brand-new device that costs $3,499 (around PHP200K). The story doesn’t say that the drop in production is because demand is expected to be lower. More likely, it is a problem with getting these things made.

Even for a company with as much power as Apple, the production problems caused by the pandemic are still being fixed. But a new product is new, even if it is as unique and high-end as the Vision Pro.

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The story also says that the release of the cheaper version of the Vision Pro, which is called the Vision, may be affected. The Vision Pro was supposed to come out in 2024, but the cheaper model is said to come out in 2025. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with the release dates, but making these new “spatial computing” devices won’t be as easy as making a new MacBook or iPad.