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2021 Toyota Innova – Top 5 Things We Want to See

Concept image of 2021 Toyota Innova Crysta MPV

The current Toyota Innova or Innova Crysta in other regions has been in the market for almost 5 years and it’s only fitting for Toyota to release the 2021 Innova with updated exterior and perhaps a better engine.

Below are the top features and things we want to see in the upcoming Toyota Innova if the company will indeed introduce the new model within this year.

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Top 5 Changes in the upcoming Toyota Innova 2021 we want to see

New design: RAV4 or Highlander look alike?

No doubt the current Innova is one of the best MPVs with sporty and future-proof design on its exterior. The current Innova still looks bolder than other competitors despite it’s been in the market for many years now.

We want to see Toyota upgrade the exterior that will fit in the current lineup of Toyota SUVs particularly the Highlander or the RAV4. We think that the Innova’s grille and the hood will finally be facelifted. It will either sport the RAV4’s sportier grille and the hood or a more classic but premium styling from the Highlander.

The rear and its bumper may see some changes too especially on the taillights. Overall we want to see the Innova 2021 with noticeable design changes even with a facelift level the same as the Vios and Wigo 2021.

toyota highlander 2020
Premium Toyota Highlander
2019 Toyota RAV4 White Hybrid

More safety features

It’s time for the Japanese carmaker to add the sweet treats and safety features that its rival offer but not on its MPV. We want to see Toyota offer the radar cruise control, traction control, and lane departure assistance on the high-end models. Adding a side airbag curtain is also a big leap towards more safety driving.

More efficient diesel engine

The unbeatable 2.8-liter diesel engine of the Toyota Innova is one of its best selling features. For its price and positioning, no MPV or crossover offers the same horsepower and torque as the Innova.

It will be a blessing for Toyota to improve the efficiency and power output of the engine as well. We wish to see more pulling power without sacrificing the efficiency of the engine.


DRL or Daytime Running Light for the base model

Perhaps one of the most requested additions for the Innova is the LED daytime running light for the base or even for the G model. Currently, only the V model offers the DRL and it would be very costly for other models to add this feature. Like the Rush G model with DRL, Toyota may finally add this to the lower models of the Innova.

Extra features: parking sensors and camera

Another useful feature should Toyota adds to the upcoming Innova is the built-in parking sensors and reverse camera. They should make it present to all models, at least, for the sensor which is very helpful in parking at tight spots.

It’s only a matter of time before Toyota unveils the updated Innova or Innova Crysta for the year 2021. What features do you hope to see most?

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