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Your Guide to Converge FiberX Time of Day Plans


Converge is introducing a new way to improve its internet services for the benefit of its consumers. With the pandemic drastically affecting the way we live our lives, especially for those who now work and study at home, Converge wants you to be focused and productive by giving you the internet speed that you need from the comforts of your home.

Enter FiberX Time of Day Plans. It’s the latest consumer broadband plan targeted towards those who both work and study at home. For the first time, customers have the option to choose a plan that offers better speed during nighttime or daytime. The gist of the Time of Day Plans is that your base speed gets doubled at a certain time of the day.

For example, if you enrolled for a Night Plan, your 35Mbps speed is effectively 70Mbps from 7:00 PM-6:59 AM. But if it’s a Day Plan, the doubled speed takes effect from 7:00 AM to 6:59 PM.

You can see the entire list of plans below:

Converge FiberX Time of Day FAQs

Who is eligible to avail of this product?

New and existing customers can avail of this product. T&Cs apply.

What is the difference between Time of Day, Day Plan, and Night Plan? 

Under the Day Plan, bandwidth will double at peak hours during the day, or from 7:00 AM to 6:59 PM. This plan is best for customers who work-from-home during the daytime or families with children who attend online classes.

Under the Night Plan, bandwidth will double at peak hours during the night, or from 7:00 PM-6:59 AM. This plan is a great option for work-from-home subscribers who operate during graveyard shifts or content creators who game or stream online at night.

What are the fees needed?

For new customers, Converge requires an installation fee of P2500 with outright and staggered options for P125/24-months, and a security deposit equivalent to 1-month MRC on select plans.

For existing customers, Converge requires an additional deposit equivalent to the upgraded plan or the new monthly recurring fee.

Can you switch from Day Plan to Night Plan or vice versa?

Yes, but you need to wait for 12 months from the installation or activation date of your service.

Is Converge FiberX Time of Day available nationwide? And When?

If your area is covered by Converge, yes. FiberX Time of Day is already available starting March 10, 2021.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Initial fees may be required prior to installation;
  2. Upon approval of the application, the subscription is subject to a 24-month lock-in period.
  3. For existing subscribers upgrading to FiberX Time of Day, credit policies apply.
  4. Subscribers can only apply for a change of schedule from Day to Night or VV of the same MRC Time of Day Plan after 12-months. Subject for approval.

If you want to apply or know more about the plan, visit this website.

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