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Tips on prolonging your Android phone’s battery life


There are times that we spent too much time on our phones that we forgot that we consume so much on our phone’s battery. It’s the worst when we still need our phones on our trip and we do not have our power bank and cannot see a charging station anywhere.

So to prevent these scenarios, here are the tips to conserve our Android phone’s battery life.

Turn down Screen Brightness/Use Auto Brightness

By turning down screen brightness, you’ll be surprised how much this helps on prolonging your battery juice. The displays consume a lot of phone’s energy so you might also consider using the auto-brightness feature that automatically adjusts the level of brightness depending on your location’s lighting condition.

Turn on Airplane mode

When you know you’re going to a place with a weak cellular connection, the best thing to do is just turn on the Airplane mode or else your phone will drain its battery pointlessly trying to connect to a network.

Keep connections off

Do not keep your connections on especially when it is not needed. Your WiFi and mobile data drain your battery more than you can imagine. So if you’re in a place where WiFi isn’t available, do not leave it pointlessly on especially when you want to save energy.

Bluetooth can also drain the battery juice, just turn this setting on when you want to transfer data but immediately turn off after using.

Aside from these, location services and GPS is a big battery sucker so you might also want to turn it off. Or you can revoke app’s access to location services. The levels of how much power to use can also be adjusted.

Disable notifications

We are not suggesting to disable ALL the app’s notification, just those that aren’t that necessary. Because after all this feature is very important but we are in a situation where we should squeeze that battery juice.

However, everytime that there’s a notification the app chime, light up the screen, display a message and LED blinks. These can also drain energy.

Close apps running in the background

Multi-tasking on phone is great and efficient, but when you’re almost running out of battery then these can burn a lot of energy. So turning it all off can drastically save a lot of your battery life and CPU’s workload.



Turn off unneeded vibrations

This feature uses much more power among the other options. Using this, the motor for vibration uses its weight to make the phone shake. So its best to consider turning off the notifications as well as this feature and just be alert in case some important text or call coming in.

Force quitting apps is a bad idea

You might think that this action helps on saving you battery and memory as well then think again. When you want to open these idle apps, they just pick up from where you left off. Meaning, force quitting and launching these apps to start over is intensive.

Enable battery-saving mode

This feature manages the apps and features that drain your smartphone. Meaning it does all that I’ve listed above, it dims the screen, turns off the vibration, disables animations and many more.

There are phones that have this ultra-saving mode that turns everything off except the ones that are necessary like messages and phone calls. It even turns your wallpaper into black. This can add up to 24 hours of energy use.

Overnight Charging

One of the habit every time we go to bed is we charge our devices so that in the morning it is good to go. This is alright and safe, but then again, not ideal especially when you want your phone battery to last for a long time.

Charging overnight makes your phone stay fully charged for a long time thereby degrading its capacity much sooner. So even if manufacturers do their best to cover this, it still lowers the capacity of your phone’s battery.

The damages will be visible for the next two years or more so if you’re planning to use your phone for a long time then doing this simple tip won’t hurt.

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