TikTok Considers AI Avatars for Ad Creation

tiktok considers ai avatars for ad creation


TikTok is currently exploring the potential of AI-powered virtual influencers to assist merchants in promoting their products. The idea involves crafting digital celebrity personas to perform in ads based on merchant scripts and product endorsements. However, the initiative has sparked concerns regarding competition with human creators and the possibility of a negative response from users.

According to recent insights, TikTok’s internal trials showed that the AI’s performance in generating sales was underwhelming compared to that of actual influencers. Despite this, there is a belief that AI can eventually complement, rather than replace, human-driven marketing strategies.

Reports indicate that the feature is still in its early stages, with an uncertain timeline for an official launch.

As TikTok contemplates rolling out this AI capability, it must navigate user sentiment carefully to avoid alienating its human content creators. TikTok previously encouraged its community to advocate against a potential US ban, highlighting the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with users.

Could the introduction of AI influencers disrupt that delicate balance?