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Survey Says that iPhone Users are More Brand-Loyal than Android Owners

Smartphone owners can’t stop debating which operating system is better: Android or iOS. Apple’s devoted follower base in North America gives the company an unrivaled position in the smartphone market, and apple is the best smartphone manufacturer, even though most people prefer Android. In a recent poll, AddictiveTips looked into the brand allegiance of American smartphone users. The poll probed users’ profiles, the product’s impact on their work lives, and their receptivity to moving brands. Approximately 500 Android and 500 iPhone users answered the poll, making the total number of respondents over 1,000. Indeed, these results are fascinating.

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The research shows that iPhone consumers are more brand faithful than Android users. Interestingly, managers are disproportionately apt to use iPhones (33% of managers have one), and 63% prefer to interact with others who use the same smartphone brand. Researchers also found that iPhone users are likelier to spend more than 15 hours per year glued to their phones’ displays. Sixty percent of iPhone owners said they might transfer to Android if Twitter removes the App Store.

Moreover, iPhone customers are 18% more loyal to their company than Android users. In addition, whereas only 66% of Android users are satisfied with their current device, 72% of iPhone users are. Addicting Tips theorizes that this could be attributable to the fact that Apple’s products are all built to interact with one another. The study ends on a surprising (and uncommon) note: more than 80% of respondents who currently own an iPhone or Android phone said they are likely to buy a smartphone from Elon Musk if given a chance.

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