Sony Xperia C5 Ultra VS Xperia M5 Camera Review Comparison, Benchmark, Speed test

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In this comparison, Two of Sony’s new Flagships square off, as the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra (priced at Php 19,190) faces off with Sony Xperia M5 (possible ph price at around Php 18K). Who’ll show better specs, features, price and overall performance and which device suits you better?

Design and build

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Both devices are compact, in terms of their respective size category, however, the C5 Ultra’s unbeatable STB ratio and almost zero bezel typically showed dominance over the Xperia M5. Both phones are build with glass construction for its back cover, which shows a delicate and sophisticated feel and look. The Xperia M5 is 44g lighter than its opponent and is 0.6mm thinner, with the Xperia M5 at 7.6mm thickness and 142.6g, compared to the C5 Ultra’s 8.2mm thickness and 187g weight. The Xperia M5 also has IP68 or water and dust proofing feature, which should be useful in some cases.

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Both devices offer full physical buttons and has dual-nano SIM capability, however, the Xperia M5 showed a bit of an advantage in terms of microSD capacity, with the latter having microSD card expandability up to 200GB, in comparison the 128GB maximum expandability of the C5 Ultra. The C5 Ultra and Xperia M5 are mid ranged phones that provide an overall premium-like exterior and interior design, thus, both devices are tied, in terms of display.

The winner: Tie for delivering consistent amount of premium-like design


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The Xperia M5 sports an adequate 5-inch FHD 1080p IPS screen, with a 441 pixel density, while the C5 Ultra sports a relatively larger 6-inch FHD 1080p, IPS display, with a 367 pixel density. From the looks of both device’s display, the Xperia M5 was seen to perform better than the C5 Ultra, with its clear and sharp display quality, while the C5 Ultra, looked a bit washed out, in terms of display color, when compared to the M5’s display.

However, the C5 Ultra was able to trump the Xperia M5, in terms of overall display brightness. Viewing angles and sunlight readability are excellent in both devices, thus, with, obvious advantages and disadvantages with one another, in terms of display performance, the Xperia M5 an C5 Ultra were considered tie for display.

The winner: Tie for clear advantages and disadvantages on display


For still images, the Xperia M5 showcased supremacy, with its 21MP camera that delivers better color accuracy and sharp images, in comparison to the C5 Ultra’s 13MP main shooter, which is expected from the M5. However, there weren’t any other advantages that the M5 had over the C5’s main camera, with both devices, almost similarly delivering excellent outputs, which almost got par, with each other.

The winner: Xperia M5, for its sharper and color accurate main camera

m5 vs c5 philippines camera specs
m5 and c5 hdr mode
sony xperia m5 vs c5 philippines camera comparison review specs
night shot of m5 and c5
m5 vs c5 philippines camera specs
flash on shot for c5 and m5

For selfie shooters, the C5 Ultra delivered a more natural feel, in terms of color and overall detail preservation capabilities, the Xperia M5’s output were a bit hazy than the C5 Ultra’s output, which got the latter, the win, in terms of selfie shooter performance.

The winner: Xperia C5 Ultra, for its better and detailed selfie shooter output

m5 vs c5 philippines camera specs
selfie cam m5 vs c5

For video performance, the Xperia M5 delivered an excellent focusing speed, which wasn’t even close to the C5 Ultra’s. Adding to this is the Xperia M5’s excellent 4K UHD video recorder, which showcased a very satisfying output. With this combination, the Xperia M5 took this round, without the C5 Ultra delivering much of a challenge.

The Winner: Xperia M5, for its fast focusing speed and excellent 4K video recorder quality

Benchmarks and Speed tests

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Both phones are not late when it comes to system, with both devices running with Android 5.0 Lollipop. The Xperia C5 Ultra is powered by MediaTek MT6752 octacore chipset, while the Xperia M5 packs a MediaTek MT6795 Helio X10 chipset. In terms of RAM capacity, the C5 ultra’s 2GB RAM capacity and microSD card expandability of 128GB, falls to the Xperia M5’s superior 3GB RAM capacity and a microSD card expandability of 200GB.

For the boot up tests conducted on both devices, it was clear that the Xperia M5 provided a faster and more efficient loading time, in comparison to the C5 Ultra’s result. This is due to the Xperia M5’s few advantages, in terms of system, which likely, played a huge role on this tests.

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For the benchmark tests conducted of both devices, it seems that the C5 Ultra pars better to the Xperia M5’s system, with the C5 Ultra beating the Xperia M5 in all three benchmarks tests. This apparently shows that the Xperia C5 Ultra packs a bit more than the Xperia M5 has to offer.

AnTuTu ratings

  • Sony Xperia M5 – 37904
  • Sony Xperia C5 Ultra – 45913

Basemark OS II ratings

  • Sony Xperia M5 – 883
  • Sony Xperia C5 Ultra – 912

Geekbench 3 ratings

  • Sony Xperia M5 – SCS: 762, MCS: 2712
  • Sony Xperia C5 Ultra – SCS: 800, MCS: 4168

For the application gaming tests, the C5 Ultra trumps the Xperia M5 again, beating the latter, with only a few seconds. The reasons for this, is that the Xperia M5’s system might be a bit for the device to handle, or it could be that there are just scenarios that the C5 Ultra was better than the Xperia M5, system-wise.


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Both speakers deliver a clear and powerful sound output, however, the Xperia M5 showcased a bit more quality than the C5 Ultra’s sound outputs, which is ironic, since the C5 Ultra actually has good speakers. This shows that Sony was able to surpass itself, in terms of speaker and sound quality, as seen in this comparison.

The winner: Xperia M5, for overall better speaker quality.

Price and conclusion

sony xperia m5 vs c5 ultra comparison camera review benchmark speed test (3 of 11)

It seems that both devices are arguable advantageous with one another at certain points in system performance, with the Xperia C5 Ultra showing that its not just a run-on-the-mill device that the Xperia M5 could just push around. This comparison showed that both devices are capable of delivering excellent and high-end performances, even on their respective capabilities.

The Xperia C5 Ultra is already available in the Philippines, with the latter priced at around, Php 17.9K at Sony Store, while the Xperia M5 is expected to be at around Php 18K, without Sony’s tax on the device. Please leave your comments and suggestions on what you think on this review comparison. Feedbacks are always obliged.

Also, check out the video version of this review comparison

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra specs, PH Price

Sony Xperia M5 Dual specs PH Price

6-inch FHD IPS display 5-inch IPS 1080p LCD display, 441ppi
8.2mm thickness and 187g weight 7.6 mm thickness, 142.6g weight
Scratch-resistant glass scratch-resistant glass
Mediatek 6752 octacore chip, 1.7GHz Cortex A53 CPU MediaTek MT6795 Helio X10
16GB internal, microSD card up to 128GB 16GB internal storage, microSD up to 200GB
13MP camera, HDR, 1080p video, LED flash 21.2MP 5312 x 3984 pixels, phase detection autofocus
13MP selfie camera, 1080p video, LED flash 13MP, 1080p@30fps video
Dual nano SIM, 4G LTE, WiFi a, Bt 4.1, NFC, FM Radio, GPS, ANT+ 4G LTE Dual SIM, WiFi n, Bt 4.1, FM Radio, GPS, GLONASS
Android 5.0 Lollipop Android 5.0 Lollipop
3000mAh 2600mAh battery
White, Black, Mint green Black, White, Gold
Php 19,190 from Sony PH, as of September 23 $400 or Php 18K price before tax from Sony, as of September 23

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