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OPPO Stores Nationwide Implementing Sanitation To Safeguard Customers

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The high-risk coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of countries all around the world. What started as endemic in China has already recorded nearly 20,000 deaths combine. With the Philippines trying its best to prevent a nationwide calamity, the government ordered a Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine. The majority of the residents, as well as businesses, are forced to stay at home and close business activities. However, unaffected areas are still in operation. To prevent widespread transmission, OPPO has implemented in-store hygienic measures to safely service its customers.

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Last February 2020, the company implemented a mini face mask driver through its concept stores nationwide where consumers were handed free face masks to help protect them against the threat of the COVID-19 virus. OPPO further improved its health measures by ensuring all retail staff is equipped with surgical masks with frequent temperature monitoring, making alcohol-based hand sanitizers freely available for everyone coming in and out of the stores, and letting all OPPO Experience Stores undergo sanitation at least twice a day. However, we still recommend staying at home if you’re not required to go out.

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