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Angkas Food Now in Operation, Fees To Benefit Bikers


Due to the strict guidelines caused by coronavirus pandemic, Angkas has launched Angkas Food — a food delivery-only service that operates from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. Through its official Twitter account, the company stated that all proceeds will go to the bikers. It’s one of the company’s ways to help their bikers earn money during these trying times, as well as provide food to those who are under quarantine. Angkas Food reminds people that it has implemented Touch Me Not! policy in which the biker will leave the item on the seat of the motorcycle (or your doorstep) before moving back to a safe distance. 

How Angkas Food Works:

Step 1: Call the restaurant to place your order, no need to use an appYou can check the list of restaurants and their menus here.

Step 2: Pay the restaurant, if possible, a cashless transaction.

Step 3: Leave your contact details with the restaurant.

Step 4: Biker delivers the item to the designated place.

Step 5. Pay the biker if you ordered through COD. Additionally, a delivery fee of P60 pesos shall be paid (cash only) for the first 3kms and an additional P10/km (maximum of 5kms). For condos/buildings, delivery will be on the ground floor, lobby, or delivery. 


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