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Not All Facebook Friends Are Real – Acquaintances VS Friends


Facebook have grown from a simple source of social media interaction to something else, something bigger, something more influential and with that, people have continued to use facebook to find and randomly meet long-lost friends and family members that time probably forgot. These long lost individuals that were once part of our daily lives and had to go on our separate paths, or some random person that you barely knew. We all meet these people and it has become a norm. Though, to be honest, despite some of us having a 1000+ friends on our friends list, not all are people that we can
truly call friends.

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Just add em’ up


A few facebook users that I know of has a lot of friends on their list, almost accommodating a thousand spots on their friends list, however, I know these people well and what they do is simply add up random people that sends them a friend request. To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with that, adding up people for the sake of formality is all there is to it, but not everyone that adds you up has intentions to be “friends”. The worst-case scenario is that these guys are sexual predators on the act of making you their next target or any other case, some random stalker that really looks your profile picture, either way, it’s better to choose your friends wisely.

On the other hand, those who always add up people are oftentimes categorized as either pretty or popular or even both. These people are more likely to receive a random friend request from unknown individuals which would mostly post on their wall about random stuff or comment on that particular person’s post. No matter what’s the case, people who intended to always accept friend request won’t likely have a reliable amount of “friends on their friends list, which is to be expected.

Some people you might know

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We often browse for people in facebook, on the hunt for long-lost relatives or friends that we might have forgotten and sometimes they randomly show up on our suggested friends list, when we sometimes automatically get struck by nostalgia and add them up eventually. But this old acquaintance might not feel the same nostalgia feeling that you felt. They might add you up since they recognized you or something, however, they might not technically be actively talking to you a lot. The worst-case scenario is, you might just be used as a form of “added friend” on their friends list and would never talk to forever.

It’s a pretty sad thing to know that not all the friends that you recognize and know on Facebook or any social media platforms are all reliable friends that you can share your deepest thoughts or desires with. Some may actually wouldn’t even give a damn about you at all. Though it is social media, so it’s fair to say that you should have expected something like that to happen.

Nevertheless, this proves that Facebook, Twitter or whatnot aren’t exactly that reliable in finding “reliable friends” though it’s still a place where you can find friends, real friends.

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