New Text Scam Uses MMDA Traffic Violations to Lure Victims

text scam


As scammers change their tactics, moving from text messages to popular apps like Viber, WhatsApp, and WeChat, they keep on trying to trick people. Even though more people are aware of these scams and the digital world keeps changing, these dishonest schemes continue. They take different forms, like tempting offers for online gambling, work-from-home jobs, or fake parcel notices. But recently, I got a text that was different and caught my attention, it claimed I had a traffic ticket.

This text scam is suspicious right off the bat because it came from a number I didn’t know and claimed I had broken a driving rule. One of the messages even mentioned that it is a notice from the MMDA NCAP Office. It told me to click a link to fix it or pay a fine. But I don’t drive or have a license, so I knew it was a text scam.

Text Scam

I realized not everyone might see through these tricks, especially those who actually drive. Some people might get worried and follow the instructions in the message, especially with all the distractions online.

Despite the presence of rules such as SIM card registration, scammers still find ways to deceive people, which is both saddening and alarming.

To keep safe, it’s crucial to be cautious when receiving messages from unfamiliar numbers. Blocking them and refraining from responding is a smart move to shield yourself from text scams.

As we navigate the internet, it’s vital to stay vigilant. By staying alert and careful, we can contribute to making the online world a safer place for everyone.