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Netflix Is Offering More Early Feedback to Subscribers

Netflix subscribers

About 2,000 Netflix subscribers are invited to preview upcoming projects and give feedback before they come out. Still, that number is about to grow as the streamer tries to make as much money as possible in an increasingly competitive streaming market.


The Wall Street Journal says that Netflix plans to let “tens of thousands” more subscribers worldwide join its Preview Club program. This will allow Netflix to get feedback from more people, which could be used to make last-minute changes to its movies and shows before they come out to the public.

Studios have been asking for feedback from fans for a long time, but Netflix’s push to grow the Preview Club comes when the platform has decided to spend at most $17 billion a year on content. Netflix wants to know if all of the content it spends money on is being enjoy. And it also wants to learn as much as it can about how to make the most of its investments.

Netflix has made it clear that it focuses on making more worldwide hits like Squid Game and Stranger Things. However, this is not an exact science because the studio never knows when a project will take off. But as Netflix looks for more ways to keep people paying for its services, which are getting more expensive and harder to share, it will start by reaching out to more subscribers and asking them to join the giant machine.



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