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Mi 11 vs iPhone Pro Max: Which has the best connection for the Internet?


How fast should your Wi-Fi connection be when using your phone? Others may answer 10Mbps or probably 30 Mbps is okay. But what if I tell you that there is a phone that can go beyond 10 or 30 Mbps?

A recent experiment done by Xiaomi with their latest Mi 11, shows that there is more than meets the eye. No, I am not talking about Transformers.

They conducted their experiment in the Haixia Olympic Sports Center. This is a sports complex with a multi-purpose stadium in Fuzhou, China. A Wi-Fi router was placed at the very center of the stadium with an access bandwidth of 800Mbps and brought out two smartphones to test its Wi-Fi connectivity speed. The first smartphone is the Mi 11 from Xiaomi and the next is the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

First-round, the two phones were placed on the football field and were 53 meters away from the router. The iPhone Pro Max received a ping of 415Mbps while the Mi 11 has 774Mbps of speed. This round goes to the Mi 11.

Next round, the two smartphones were then placed on the second-floor bleacher of the stadium, this time 114 meters away from the Wi-Fi router. This time, the iPhone 12 Pro Max received an internet speed of 358Mbps while the Mi 11 just went down a little bit with a speed of 659Mbps, claiming the second round for a win.

On the last and third round, this time the smartphones were brought to the third-floor bleacher with a distance of 161 meters away from the Wi-Fi router. The iPhone Pro Max pinged at 241Mbps while the Mi 11 has a speed of 511Mbps marking its third win.

With these given data, it is now up to you on what phone suits you the best?



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