Meta Platforms Face Sudden Outage, Users Logged Out Globally

facebook down


On the eve of March 5, a widespread disruption hit Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, forcefully logging users out of their accounts.

A message displayed, reading ‘Session Expired. Please log in again,’ as numerous users attempted to regain access to their social media profiles.

The hashtag #facebookdown and #instagramdown quickly gained traction on X (formerly Twitter), becoming a trending topic as users flooded the platform with their sentiments and humorous memes in response to the unexpected outage.

People are wondering why – are you facing the same issue? Stay tuned for updates!

As of March 6, 2024, at 12:45 AM, Facebook and Messenger have successfully resolved their technical issues and are now fully operational, ready for users to resume their regular activities. Users can once again access and utilize the features of both platforms without any disruptions.

However, Instagram is still experiencing difficulties, with users unable to send messages. Upon attempting to refresh their feed, they encounter an error message stating, “Couldn’t refresh Feed.