Pixel Introduces Productivity Tools and Health Features in Latest Feature Drop

pixel feature drop


March brings exciting updates to enhance your Pixel experience, focusing on productivity and well-being. Let’s dive into the key features introduced in the latest Google Pixel Feature Drop.

Improved Call Screening

call screen

Answering calls gets smarter with an upgraded Call Screening feature. If a screened call stays silent, a friendly “hello” prompt encourages the caller to speak, revealing their purpose. You can also let Google Assistant inform callers to wait a moment if you’re unable to answer immediately.

Enhanced Visual Sharing on Instagram

Sharing your favorite moments becomes more vibrant with the ability to capture and share vivid 10-bit HDR videos directly on Instagram Reels. Plus, stunning Ultra HDR photos can now be effortlessly uploaded and shared on your Instagram feed right from your Pixel phone.

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Introducing a new way to search effortlessly on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro with Circle to Search. Soon to be available on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, simply long-press the home button or navigation bar, circle, scribble, highlight, or tap an image, text, or video to get instant information without switching apps.

Fitbit Relax and Google Maps on Pixel Watch

Enjoy enhanced well-being features on the first-gen Pixel Watch with the addition of Fitbit Relax and Google Maps apps. Easily engage in breathing exercises with Fitbit Relax on your wrist, tracking mindfulness progress over time. Access real-time departure times, explore transit options, and receive compass-enabled guidance through Google Maps.

Smart Screen Sharing

No more sharing your entire screen! Now, when casting, recording, or presenting in a video call, you have the power to choose exactly what you want to share. This feature adds a touch of precision to your virtual interactions, available on Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, and Pixel 5a with 5G and newer phones.

Seamless Bluetooth Accessory Setup

bluetooth pair

Setting up your Bluetooth accessories is now a breeze on your new Pixel phone or tablet. Fast Pair steps in to make device connections smoother, ensuring you can effortlessly access previously paired Bluetooth accessories.

Google Docs Markups for Effortless Annotations

Enhancing your document collaboration, Google Docs now allows you to add handwritten annotations using just your finger or stylus on your Pixel device. With a palette of tools at your fingertips, including different pen colors and highlighters, reviewing and marking up documents becomes a flexible and easy task for you and your team.

Enhanced Toolbar for Pixel Tablet

screen space

Say hello to more screen space on your Pixel Tablet! Activate voice input, and watch as the keyboard minimizes into a handy toolbar, optimizing your screen real estate. This streamlined approach makes multitasking a breeze, ensuring you get the most out of your Pixel Tablet.

These updates reflect Google’s commitment to continually elevate your Pixel experience, blending practical enhancements with creative possibilities. Stay tuned for more innovations, making your Pixel device even more intuitive and enjoyable.